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MEGARATE: Unreleased (Rebel Heart era) [Results Show - Recap on first page]


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On 9/1/2022 at 3:21 PM, stefo said:

Voted, quite interested to see wich tracks fans would have wanted in the final album :)

it was my first time hearing some of these. honestly my votes were based on which ones i liked and disliked the most among these only, in no way i'd want more songs on rebel heart. it's already a mess the way it is :OML:

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24 minutes ago, Scor-pi-o said:

I actually miss the original RH demo version of "Back That Up (Do It)" on the list, but I guess you didn’t include it, because a re-worked version ended up as a bonus track on the limited deluxe edition of "Madame X" 😔 This one would maybe have gotten my 11…

Yes that's the reason, the song was actually released so the 2014 version ends up just being a demo of it, just like how It's So Cool was first recorded for American Life but ended up being released as a Celebration bonus track.

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all the demos she did with Pharrell feels like different album, totally different vibes from RH! Never Let You Go is definitely my favorite. Also Tragic Girl her voice is breathtaking!!! Two Steps Behind Me is lame as it was about LG, thank god it was canceled, not coz I love or hate Gaga just coz it feels stupid from someone like Madonna to write a song about such a person. 🤣😌😉 Revolution is cool & again her voice was just perfect! I’m not sure what was the idea of Queen??? Like about what exactly? 

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On 9/9/2022 at 1:04 PM, Fontainebleau said:

I listened to the songs and really tried to like them, but all I can say is that the songs are unreleased for a reason: they're just not good. So I'll skip this megarate.

On the other hand B-Day Song came out and.....:eyes::cryin:

I think most of those demos had huge potential like a lot of Rebel Heart songs damaged by the final version.

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